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pigs (spoilers ensue)

Pigs - 1972
aka Daddy's Deadly Darling
Daddy's Girl (USA)
Horror Farm
Lynn Hart
Pigs (USA) (recut version)
Roadside Torture Chamber (USA) (reissue title)
The Killer
The Killers
The Strange Exorcism of Lynn Hart
The Strange Love Exorcist

directed by Marc Lawrence
note: apparently the Troma version is censored for some unknown reason...(that's the vers. I watched)
time: 80 mins
Tag line: Once the pigs tasted blood... No one could control their hunger!!

summary: (spot the nepotism!) Toni Lawrence plays Lynn, a disturbed young woman who escapes from a mental hospital where she was committed for killing her abusive father who raped her. Stealing a nurse's uniform and car, Lynn ends up in a small California town where she meets and shacks up with Zambrini (Marc Lawrence), an old farmer who runs the local motel and roadside cafe. Zambrini also owns a group of pigs that he keeps in a pen behind his house who have somehow developed a taste for human flesh. When Lynn begins killing a number of men who remind her of her dead father, Zambrini helps her out by disposing of the bodies to the pigs. Investigating the disappearances, the local sheriff eventually becomes suspicious of Lynn's past and a private investigator, hired by the hospital to find her, slowly close in on Lynn.

Best Quotes:
"The pigs get hungry...Yeeeeah." - Zambrini
"Yeah, oh yeah, they smelled you out." - Zambrini talking to a corpse
"They're not pigs, you know; they're dead people." - Miss Macy to Sheriff Dan Cole
"I don't think there's a law against turning dead people into pigs." - Sheriff (yeah, you read right) Dan to Miss Macy
"There's something the dog knew." - one of the deputies to sheriff dan after the death of a dog
"She's sick mentally...(points to his head) in the head." - Doctor to Zambrini
Zambrini: "Where's her father?" Doctor: "She doesn't have a father." - this should go under "Logic"
Deputy 1: "Crazy family..." Deputy 2: "Yeah...crazy" - right after they found out what happened to Lynn

Best Death:
Okay, I don't remember his name (the guy with the dog...Johnny? any way...) but after the *first* time they're alone and he tries to rape her, she invites him over to apologize...only to (surprise!) kill him. But it wasn't just a killing, no, she took away his manhood. Sure, it was under the covers and you didn't really see gore...but it was enough for me to make it as the best death since it was particularly brutal.

Biggest Cheese:
Feeding pigs people parts = pigs being people...? Huh? Because of Egyptians? Maybe you read that wikipedia wrong, movie...Pigs are pigs, not people, no matter how much human meat they eat. Movie, don't try to over-think this one...Just let it go.

Truly Grotesque:
Although it really tried, the gore wasn't too convincing. The most grotesque thing was her kissing wanna-be rapist. Yuck.

Monster meter:
Honestly, I kinda liked Lynn and I really liked Zambrini. So what if he fed his pigs dead people he'd found? Obviously the law doesn't mind too much. That's more of a cute quirk. Lynn was a bit trippy, acting more high than crazy (however, this was made in the 70's), but I never really disliked her. I'm not too scared by her...Just don't talk about her dad and you'll be peachy. They get a 1.

Cliche factor:
I guess crazy people acting really weird...nothing that made me punch the screen.

Actual good:
2 stars out of 5 - it's not too bad

Good is Bad:
a solid 4 stars out of five - it's campy and easy to tease, while not being boring.

Logic, let me introduce you to this window:
Okay, the whole Egyptian thing puzzles me. It felt like they threw that in there. So, she's wearing an ankh (symbol for life) and so...the pigs are people? ::shakes head:: Okay, let's try this again. Pigs were worshiped by Egyptians? I've googled it (and if memory serves me correct from high school), pigs are thought as "unclean"...pretty much to every culture. I can stand corrected, but...my google senses say, "no."

Shouldn't sheriffs organize important things...like their GUNS? Look at the gun rack, the guns are leaning all over each other and completely messy. Shouldn't they do something about that? I mean, that should be important, right?

I'll go ahead and put this under logic since it MUST be intentional:
Okay, editor, it's you and me, and we're going to play hard-ball.
So, were you high or epileptic or suffered a major glitch in the matrix when you edited Pigs? The film "hiccups" (plays a few seconds over again after shown) so many, many, many times that I officially call it a drinking game. But please, take small swallows or you'll die of alcohol poisoning before the credits hiccup through. I'm not even being over dramatic. It was cute at first and then maddening.

The music in the film is like a bad room-mate, it comes and goes when it please and usually during the most bazaar and awkward times. Can we be a little prepared before you burst in? Maybe knock first, music.

Notes: here we go, we have a lot of ground to cover -

first off: I spotted a spiral in the movie, thus improving it and signaling to us that there is evil afoot.

Apparently, in the 70's AV was the abbreviation of avenue.

I find it funny that feeding dead people to pigs is no town secret...People just kind of shrug it off.

Having a song about driving while the actor is driving in the film is...clever...yeah, I'll go with "clever".

I'd go crazy like Lynn, too, if I had that killing-lullaby song stuck in my head all the time.

Here's facts, Toni (played Lynn) is the director/writer's (also play Zambrini) real life daughter. And she also married Billy Bob Thorton later...for two years...Crazy.

Zambrini's death was pretty anticlimactic. I was so disappointed. Maybe Mr. Lawrence said, "Kill me, Toni, but not too hard. You know I have a bad back." Did the knife even puncture? It seemed pretty lackluster.

Is is just me (I'm skipping around a bit) or did the Doctor sound waaay too panicked when the phone was "disconnected"? He was spazzing out for no reason. If this were D&D, I'd call him a meta-gamer...but it's not, so...

But I like Zambrini and Lynn together. Nothing better than two crazies that can appreciate one another. It's touching...

And last, my theory:
I think that Lynn can control time. That's why the film skips around so much. She's unstable, and thus, so is the film. Think about it, when the sheriff finally figures it out, it takes him about an hour to get over there. Why? She slowed time, she had a lot to do, after all. Honestly, the movie would make more sense if that were the case, but I'm sticking to my theory: Crazy lady can reverse and slow time.

Product Placement: Pepsi and Ford

What I've learned from this movie:
-Bushes can scream
-Old people can also be androgynous
-pigs can sound like chainsaws, drills, dragons, motors, and thunder
-pigs will eat dead people...and then become them, somehow(?)
-there is a pie flavor called "Yellow"
-the electricity in the 70's was either rationed or very dirty

Bottom line: If you love B-horror, why haven't you watched this yet?
Tags: animals, b-horror, crazy killer, daddy, law enforcement that can't do squat, pigs, revenge
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